Short Stories & Novellas

The Calypsis Project: Origins – Tales from the TCP Universe is a collection of short stories and novellas
featuring both new and old characters. Titles and descriptions are subject to change.



On August 27th 2428, a single event shook the colonies and brought mankind to its knees. Arrival
follows Alana Carmen and Lance Knoble in their desperate struggle to escape from Anahk during
the very first days of the Drocain-Human war.



Fragile follows a young Kenon Valinquint in his fight for recognition amidst a community built on
strength and honor.



Shell tells of the heroic acts of Fleet Admiral James Stanforth in his effort to win big for humanity.
But when he concocts a master plan to strike the heart of the Royal Empire, he soon discovers that
he is in way over his head.



A storm is brewing. As the kingdoms of Oe’Nhervon and Oe’Delavion teeter on the brink of war,
Levian ‘Nher must forgo his family name and travel to the outer state of Imahd in order to flush
out an enemy spy.

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